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Everyone, regardless of age and circumstances needs to make a will. A will makes it clear to everyone what you wish to happen to your property, your infant or adult dependent children, or to the money you have and any of the other things you own.

If yours is a simple will where you intend to leave all you own to your partner or infant or dependent children, our fee would be $375.00.

If you have infant children or dependent children and you want to set up a testamentary trust for your children, our fee would be $475.00.

If you have children, your partner has children and you have children with your partner, drafting your will becomes complicated and we would need to discuss our fee with you.

Power of Attorney

You also need to consider what you want to happen to you, your property, to your infant or dependent children, to the money you have and to the things you own if you reach a stage, through age, illness or accident when you can no longer manage your financial, personal or medical affairs.

You can choose someone to take over your affairs. This person then has ‘power of attorney’ over your affairs and can act for you as you would have done.

Our fee to prepare a power of attorney document is $220.00.

Advanced Care Directive

This a document we can prepare for you to make clear to everyone how you want to be treated as you approach the end of your life. You can decide if you wish to move to nursing home care, be kept alive by artificial means, for example, or not be resuscitated if in your doctors’ opinion your quality of life will be severely affected.

Our fee to prepare an advanced care directive is $220.00.